The First Organization is comprised of four divisions:

  • Entertainment Management
  • Electronic Media
  • Experience Marketing
  • Event Management


First Entertainment Management

First Entertainment Management represents unique and talented regional, national, and international performers and entertainers in the fields of music, comedy, variety, and family presentations.

This division also provides artist management to emerging national and international musical, film, and television performers and producers.

First Electronic Media

First Electronic Media creates and produces all forms of electronic media - photography, audio, video, graphic design, web design, social network management, search engine optimization, and related fields.

This division focuses on creating message based media that brings diverse experiences to the public through all forms of media distribution.

First Experience Marketing

First Experience Marketing coordinates electronic, print, and location media to communicate experience opportunities to public and private audiences.

This division can develop and execute a total marketing plan for small business, corporate, product, location, and experience opportunities in markets from local to national to international.

First Event Management

First Event Management consults, designs, and executes continuing and special events for communities, festivals, corporations, and colleges.

This division will coordinate a team to handle every aspect of event production.